We work with your business to customize and optimize our existing applications to suit your specific needs. We can also develop new applications for our systems that your business might require.

We host our software package to your business over the internet so there is no cost for software installation, and no need to invest in additional hardware to run our system.​


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EDI Integration

& Monitoring

We work with VAN's (Value Added Networks) to transmit EDI documents that fit the specs of your business partners. EDI is currently the most efficient way of exchanging documents and becoming increasingly  essential in B2B transactions.

We can create and customize any PDF form that your business requires, such as invoices, shipping reports, dunning letters, accounting reports etc. Delivery can be automated to email, mail, and document archive servers.



Remote API

Turn-Key's API provides your customers with access to information about your range of products, current marketing promotions, the status of their pending orders, or virtually anything else you can imagine.

Turn-Key will work with your personnel to maximize the utilization of your existing computer system. Turn-Key offers total solutions which include the design and documentation of your functions, procurement of hardware, facility installation, conversion of your data, training of your personnel, and the on-going support that a total system requires.

Consulting Services

Remote Order Entry

Mobile units expedite the entry of orders into a system by field personnel thereby reducing the errors inherent in multiple handling as well as reducing labor costs. Data may also be downloaded providing sales and other related statistics to field personnel.

Turn-Key has extensive experience in Bar Code printing utilizing traditional or specialty Bar Code printers as well as scanning devices. Turn-Key provides software for many manufacturers devices.

Bar-coding and Scanning

Network Integration

Turn-Key offers a variety of network solutions to interface PC LAN's to host networks providing access to programs, data bases, print devices, etc.

Turn-Key applications can integrate with other vendor's applications.

3rd Party App Integration


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