Secure, flexible, and scalable
wallet infrastructure

We help you build better crypto products. Create thousands of embedded wallets,
get rid of manual transaction flows, and automate onchain actions — all without compromising on security.

The Turnkey

  • Scalable wallets

    Create thousands of non-custodial wallets across blockchains with a simple API call.

  • Fully flexible signing

    Build even the most complex crypto products by signing the transactions you need.

  • Intuitive security controls

    Protect your assets with fine-grained policies and approval workflows.

A simple,
powerful API

We’re developer-first at our core and obsess over giving you the easiest APIs and SDKs.

  • Create a wallet

    Create thousands of non-custodial wallets across blockchains.

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  • Sign anything

    Easily sign transactions across blockchains.

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  • Protect your keys

    Total flexibility to set up policies and access permissions that work for your team.

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Build more,
move faster.

Spin up thousands of non-custodial wallets for your end users.

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Security from
all angles

  • Industry-leading key storage

    Our founding team built products that secure $100B+ in crypto. Through years of experience, we bring you the most advanced architecture for private key security. Leveraging secure, isolated environments and immutable, verifiable data stores, we ensure you have full control over your assets.

  • Passwordless authentication

    We’ve done away with passwords to ensure the highest level of security. Your account is virtually unphishable with our hardware-based WebAuthn authentication.

  • Customizable policy engine

    Our policy engine provides fine-grained controls for how users can access private keys. All actions on your account are checked against your custom policies and approval workflows, while leaving an audit trail.

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