Turnkey is on a mission to make
it easier to build in crypto

Building in crypto is way too hard. Turnkey is designed for devs and makes it simple to go 0 to 1.

Every crypto transaction starts with a private key. But securing private keys remains a dark art, and few have the expertise to do this on their own. Although there are myriad solutions on the market today, none have focused on the builders creating the future of crypto.

Enter Turnkey. Secure, non-custodial private key infrastructure. Built on years of experience, Turnkey takes away the complexity of private key management, and allows you to scale your product in minutes.

Our expertise

Our founding team met while building Coinbase Custody, the world’s largest and most secure crypto custodian. The products we’ve built across the industry have been responsible for protecting over $100B of crypto.

However, it’s still too hard to build. Turnkey is the product we wished we had to manage private keys and participate actively on chain. We’ve been leaders in the private key management space for the last 5+ years, and now we’re building Turnkey to reinvent what’s possible.

Hiring the next generation
of crypto leaders

Our team is growing fast and we’re always
looking for smart people.